'The Asterix Dynasty'

Champion Asterix NL08-1926461 owned by Herman & Dennis Beverdam, bred and raced by Jo & Florian Hendriks of Nijswiller in Holland. 

Asterix is winner of 1st National NPO Sourdun-8.423 Birds. 1st SS Blauw 1.471 birds, 1st Zui-Oost-Hoek 724 birds. 38th Isnes 1063 birds, 21st Charleville 1061 birds, 84th Rethel 1015 birds, 39th Sezanne 803 birds. 

Timbarra lofts have aquired original winning bloodlines which carry the old Merckx blood of Janssens and the old Hofkyns bloodline through Champion Hollywood, this material we believe to be some of the best in the World at the present time, the bloodlines we sourced are that of Jo & Florian Hendriks in Holland.

The base of the line we chose is from the famous 'Popeye Dynasty' which is Champion Asterix.

Asterix was bred by the Hendriks family and went on to win 1st National NPO Sourdun with nearly 5000 birds, besides other top prizes against large numbers of competition, Asterix was purchased by the Beverdam family in Enter.

Asterix is a direct son of the Super Champion producer 'Popeye' NL02.2126165, who is from a long line of National Ace Pigeons such as De Kleine 273 NL98.5816273 a  winner of 3 x 1st and 26 times in first 10 in competiotion, winning also 7e NPO Sezanne 5.273, 8e NPO Bourges 7.323, 12e NPO Bourges 8.231, and 27e NPO Sezanne 8.847. The dam of Popeye is Kampioentje NL97.5746764 (Oude Geeloger line Nic Janssen) a winner from Charleville and Ace YB in 1997.

The mother of Asterix is Miss Mattens USA 03-1186 a direct daughter of the world famous Golden Mattens NL91.2310369 (4th National Ace Pigeon) x Lucky Star USA 99-363. 

Lucky Star USA 99-363 is a direct daughter of Hollywood NL93.4053083 Winner of 1st National Ace pigeon NPO in 1997, 1996, 1995 Hollywood would also have won National Ace pigeon in 1994 but his results were not admitted to the organisation, Hollywood won to the best of my knowledge 14 x 1st clubs, 30 plus prizes in top 5, and Ace pigeon 3 times...Hollywood was Janssen old Merckx bloodline-Hofkens Strain.   

Hollywood was paired to Breeders Best NL90.9019241 from Lady Kim 88-4134569 1st National NPO Tours 5.334, 4th National NPO Tours, 5.482, We could list birds constantly and all National winning positions and Ace Pigeon awards, so you can understand why we have chosen this Janssen-Hofkens material.

Asterix has become a superb producer of champions in his own right and we at Timbarra UK stud own two direct sons 'ASTERIX 414' NL15.1890414 and 'ASTERIX 035' NL15.1896035 which have producers winners and prize winners at long distance. 




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