Schlephoorst-Van Den Bosch (GSN)

The Janssen Van Den Bosch/Wouters Meuleman bloodline has been the backbone of many great lofts in its time, one such loft is that of William Geerts of Schilde, the line of Witstaart BELG75.6301642 and KAS BELG75.6192427. Both bought as eggs from karel Meulemans in 1975, along with another pair of eggs, but it was this super producing pair which really did hit the mark, both these pigeons were grand children of the famous Stamkoppel, Kas being from Donkeren B70.6754674 x B72.6773306 from the 'Driebander 777' x daughter of the Stamkoppel, and then Witstaart being from Witneus B73.6261175 another son of the Stamkoppel again paired to another daughter of 'Driebander 777' onto the same daughter of the Stamkoppel 'Donker Witpen 71' B71.6103782. We are unsure if this pair was purchased by the great Germany fancier and legend Gerhard Schlephoorst or he purchased youngsters directly from the pair.

So tying in the names of Wouters/Meuleman, Geerts, and Schlephoorst, fanciers which needs no introduction in the sport of pigeons racing, and like so many super producers of the Stamkoppel (Golen Pair) line, the KAS and Witstaart went down in history as a super producing pair of champions, one such super bird was 'Genopte KAS 750' DV0720-83-750, (see photo) besides many others for Geerts and Schlephoorst. 

Gerhard Schlephoort has dedicated decades of his life to having the best pigeons of every family worth owning in his loft, I believe him to be the best fancier Germany has ever had in the history of the sport, a true stockman and perfectionist in all he achieves. 

In 2012 we moved quickly to import directly from the Gerhard Schlephoorst loft, with the aim to house the line of the famous Witstaart BELG75.6301642 x KAS BELG75.6192427 of William Geerts, we succesfully obtained a grand daughter of 'Genopte KAS 750' the 'Witstaart Kas' and in her first year at stock bred 2 x 1st prize winners, this hen then moved to our friend Arran Naismith, where she has continued to breed some top performers, Arran has dedicated the last 6 years into maintaining this line and selecting the very best to continue the line, it is testiment to his breeding skills that the line will now be housed at Timbarra. 

A decision was taken to bring the line back to Timbarra stud, where we will endeavour to promote and secure the line of the Witstaart BELG75.6301642 and KAS BELG75.6192427 further with other pure lines of meuleman breeders. 

Timbarra then Probably being the only place to obtain the pure line of KAS x Witstaart Meulemans anywhere in the world.

The hen will be returning along with her son which Arran and Alan Naismith are so kindly gifting us to use within our breeding program for the future.

Also as Arran has used this line with good success within his own loft, we see it only fitting that his name also be added to this line, therefore introducing the GSN line of our Meulemans.

Witstaart KAS DV00720-10-295 sire is Merckx kas DV00730-97-837 from Genopte KAS 750 DV00720-83-750 x Merckxtaubin 887 DV00730-91-887, Dam of 295 is Granada Boschje DV00720-07-366 from Starke Bosch DV00720-97-814 x Granada DV00720-06-342. 

Genopte Witstaart  sire is GB13J28163 Brooklyn Junior from   Brooklyn USA GB10J45643 x Arianna GB12J21135, Dam of xxx is Witstaart KAS DV00720-10-295 sire is Merckx KAS DV00730-97-837 from Genopte KAS 750 DV00720-83-750 x Merckxtaubin 887 DV00730-91-887, Dam of 295 is Granada Boschje DV00720-07-366 from Starke Bosche DV00720-97-814 x Granada DV00720-06-342.  

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