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Timbarra Lofts UK has to the best of our knowledge, the largest and most informative website dedicated to the Wouters-Meulemans in the World today, it is even said we have some of the best Wouters-Meulemans outside of the masters loft, Albert Babington has even stated to us in a letter 'that there are no better Janssen-Van Den Bosch anywhere'


Timbarra Lofts UK have as close to the original Wouters-Meulemans champions such as GOLDEN PAIR, OUDE VAN DEN BOSCH & JANSSEN DUIVIN as you can find anywhere in the world today, with regards to reaching our objectives we turned to the best lines we could find, we chose the lines of Herman Beverdam in combination with the old Babington-Litherland-Kirk lines, the old Wain Lea stud dynasty of JVDB which was bought by John Kirk and son in the early 90s is now held here at Timbarra Lofts, so we have invested heavily into obtaining these fantastic bloodlines, in turn breeding only the very best specimens of the old family of Adriaan Wouters and Karel Meulemans, We have many Children of the Golden Pair on the pedigrees of our breeders and in alot of the cases the Golden Pair themselves, our aim is to have the most complete collection of lines of this family in one stable.

Quoting Johns Kirk's exact words to myself  'THE MANTEL IS NOW YOURS TO CARRY ON SPENCER' and when Albert Babington visited me, his words while standing in our lofts  'IT IS LIKE STANDING IN ADRIAAN WOUTERS STOCK LOFT AGAIN ALL THOSE YEARS AGO' this is testamony to the absolute quality which is housed here at Timbarra Lofts UK.

Here at Timbarra UK International breeding facility we have the lines of many of Herman Beverdams Champions, which include our Kadet 8000 NL95.1273178 - El Tigre Cher NL96.2677719, Prins Benjamin NL98.2119348 which have been responsible for generations and a whole dynasty of winners and producers in the UK and Abroad, we built our lofts around these three producers  and recognized in these the super prepotent breeding potential, later seasons brought us the following lines and children of other Herman Beverdam Champions such as Stallone NL93.2856663, Mr Universe NL92.2244932, Mr Perfect NL92.2244932, Schoondonker 628 NL95.5523628, Wonderboy 456 NL94.2775456, Late Wittekrop USA NL99.2505535, Wittekrop 240 NL98.2588240. and many more superb lines.

In recent years we have seen fit to bring some of these lines together and further establish and blend into our super pair lines of  Kadet 8000 NL95.1273178 - El Tigre Cher NL96.2677719, the lines of Mr Perfect NL922244932, and Wonderboy 456 NL94.2775456, Schoondonker 628 NL95.5523628, being very popular in producing winners.

Across our website you can study and research all there is about our family of Janssen-Van Den Bosch-Wouters-Meulemans.

Albert Babington, Maestro of the Midlands.

In 2007 I started back up in the sport after living in Spain for 14 years, I wrote or phoned a lot of fanciers who had birds from me in the past and they all obliged me with a pair of young birds to start me off, and they done me proud winning 10 x 1st in my first year back, also topping the Federation.


The following year I saw Timbarra Lofts advertising, so I wrote to Spencer and he invited me down to see the birds, well it was like looking at the Janssen-Van-Den Bosche I had from Adriaan Wouters and Karel Meulemans in the 1970s, they were a credit to Spencer.


I was overwhellmed when Spencer told me to pick 6 pairs to try out for him and they have not let him down.


Anybody buying birds from Timbarra Lofts is sure to get a good deal and the true Janssen-Van Den Bosche.

I would go as far as to say there are no better Janssen-Van Den Bosche anywhere.




Albert Babington

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