Wain Lea-Kirk Van Den Bosch Dynasty 

There are not many families (strains) of pigeons which can carry the distinct label of a dynasty, many false advertisements and claims are made but without substantial foundation., these we call sales propaganda.

But here at Timbarra we have been entrusted to continue one truly remarkable Dynasty of pigeons in every sense of the word, that is the Wain Lea Dynasty of  John Kirk and son of Warrington, this is a family of pigeons which has been successful over 40 plus years in the U.K, for great fanciers such as Albert Babington being the first to introduce them to the UK with his magnificent results and Champions of Beechdale Lofts, soon followed by George Litherland and the famous Wain Lea Stud and John Kirk and son who continued the work at their Latchford Lofts in Warrington, these were the proprietors and trustees of this prepotent winning family.

We have now taken this wonderful family of birds with John Kirks blessing and recommendation and preserved their bloodlines for what we hope is a lifetime, here at our lofts these bloodlines are fully intact and the winning genes protected and maintained.

Magic Man

In 2007 we contacted John Kirk with the intention of buying some of the old Babington/Litherland/Kirk Bloodlines, we were then very fortunate enough to be able to purchase Genopte Witpen 1313 the first of many Van Den Bosch producers which now reside at our breeding facility, in early 2011 we contacted John again and purchased further important introductions, then in November 2011 John then contacted us with the offer to purchase the remainder of his foundation breeders.Timbarra lofts are now the proud owners of the first original Janssen-Van Den Bosch bloodline that came to the UK back in 1975, we obtained these through our good friend John Kirk of Warrington, which carry all the old original Albert Babington bloodlines, Albert was the only English fancier to have birds direct from Wouters loft in Arendonk Belgium, later in 1975 he added birds from Wouters partner Karel Meulemans.

We visited Latchford Lofts in Warrington in November 2011 to purchased top foundation producers of John Kirk & Son, Champions such as 'Rocky' 'Magic Man 2' 'Den Stomper' 'Meeuw' 'Isabella' 'Zoon Magic Man' 'Young Trojan' 'Blue Baroness' 'Crystal' 'Sapphire' and add these to what we already had of this wonderful family 'Young Pepper' 'Genopte Witpen 1313' 'Magic Man 008' all magnificent Producers.

The Kirk Van Den Bosch are well documented through the Racing Pigeon Journals, The RP on 11th August 1995 and the British Homing World 27th August 1992. They were purchased by John Kirk & son from the great Mr & Mrs George Litherland owner of Wain Lee Lofts, who Purchased most of Albert Babingtons best birds back in the late 1980s, when the Maestro was at his very best, setting new records in the Midlands area.

The Lith

All the main bloodlines of the UK Van Den Bosch of Albert Babington, George Litherland and John Kirk are all now held at Timbarra Loft UK, Such Champions as Lith, Badgeman, Magic Man, Apache, Wain Lee Prince, Wain Lee Dark Flighty, Wain Lee Duke, Baron, Miracule, Domino, The Miracle pair, Commissioner, 1313, Velvet Lady, Premier man, Wain Lee Clipper, D.N.R, Wain Lee Ace, Wain Lee Trojan, Pepper, WL Kadet, WL Genopte, WL Producer, WL Tito, De 585, AS Duivin, WL 555, WL Witpen and many more, So it is a great honour to be able to continue the original bloodlines of the Wouters-Meuleman-Janssen-Van Den Bosch Dynasty.

We at Timbarra Lofts purchased the best producers of John Kirk and son between 2007-2011, and in respect to livestock and the continuation of a bloodline some of these fantastic producers have slowly been retired, leaving us at Timbarra to maintain and continue this line through children of these reference Champions, so we have what we feel is  'The Next Generation Dynasty'  of Kirk Van Den Bosch.

You can view these wonderful breeders below and see how we have kept the quality and type as they were back in the mid 70s highly on our agenda when persuing with this line further at our stable.

The bloodlines of Albert Babington, the late George Litherland and John Kirk and son which have been the backbone of the UK family of Janssen-Van Den Bosch are still very much in situ here with us and still intact. 

Genopte Kadet 1313 GB09N81129 super grandson of the LITH, sire of 129 is Genopte Witpen 1313 GB99X92878 from LITH GB85Z00399 x GB94V69337 daughter of Miracle pair, Dam of GK1313 is Kadetje 016 GB03J08016 from our super pair Kadet 8000 NL95.1273178 x El Tigre Cher NL96.2677719. 

Tito Benjamin (Atlas) GB13J28190  sire is De Meeuw NWHU04C5852 sire to many winners in UK and USA, from lines of Wain Lea Kadet, DE 585,Magic Man and Tito , Dam of 190 is benjamin Duif NL05.2083629



Samurai GB

Witte Kadetje 1313 GB12J21156 Bred by Timbarra Super g.daughter of the Lith, sire is Genopte Witpen 1313 GB99X92878 from Lith GB85Z00399 x GB94V69337 Daughter of Miracle Pair. Dam of 156 is Liebling Unbanded, from El Tigre Cher 324 NL01.5157324 x Merckx 162  NL05.2083162 breeders of Federation winners

Tito Prinz GB20V88246 Sire is Tito Benjamin GB13J28190 from De Meeuw NWHU04C5852 x Benjamin Duif NL05.2083629.  Dam of 246 is GB19V76231 Barbarella USA from Prinz GB16X66076 x De Toit GB12J21196 

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