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New for 2021 maturing in the stock avairy, some super children of our base birds from Brooklyn USA we have 'Lennox' 'Brooklyn Junioreke' 'Dochter Brooklyn' 'Wittekrop Brooklyn' from Jericho we have 'El Tigre-Jerrimiah' from 'ETC 102' we have 'El Tigre 8000' ' El Tigre Victoria' from Wittekrop Benjamin we have 'Kobi'

Yasin Hatip scores with our bloodlines in OL racing in Turkey...500 km Congratulation Yasin. 

Lines of our Genopte 035 and Schoon Blauw Witpen, Genopte 647, Dtr Superkadet etc.. our Superkadet lines are extremely good at all distances.. right upto 500km.  

Elizabeth 365 GB15S99365 ♀ Sire Mr Perfect GB14J12868  sire is Benjamin USA GB12J21189 from Perfect 224 NL052209224 x benjamin Duif NL05.2083629 and a grand daughter of Benjamin. Dam of 365 is Perfect 583 GB11K47583 from Perfect 224 NL052209224 sire of winners in Ireland when paired to Benjamin Duif NL05.2083629 and a grand daughter of Benjamin  SOLD

Tito Benjamineke GB19V76115  sire is Tito Banjamin (Atlas) GB13J28190 from De Meeuw (The Gull) NWHU04C5852 x Benjamin Duif NL05.2083629 and a grand daughter of Benjamin. Dam of is Perfect 583 GB11K47583 from Perfect 224 NL052209224 x Benjamin Duif NL05.2083629 and a grand daughter of Benjamin.   SOLD

Witneus GB19V76217  sire is Wittekrop Junior GB14J12847 from Genopte 964, NL06.1742964 x La Bionda GB12J21114, Dam of WK is El Tigre Cher 102 GB09N81102 Bred by Timbarra, g,dam to winners, her sister won 6x1st racing and top National positions from Genopte Witpen Kadet GB06N58005 x Kadetje 001 GB03J08001  SOLD

Sienna GB13J28340  Bred by Timbarra, Sire is Stallone NL01.2224045 from Stallone NL93.2856663 x Kadet 8000 Duif NL98.2119467, Dam of 340 is Andromeda GB09N81133 from Genopte 964 NL06.1742964 x Miss Universe NL04.2237260. SOLD

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